Fornovo Gas has over 40 years of experience in natural gas distribution and the construction and management of gas refuelling stations. Since 2004 Fornovo Gas has been designing and manufacturing reciprocating compressors for natural gas.
Our compressors today can be used in a wide range of applications such as CNG, biogas/biomethane, oil & gas, process projects and industrial projects.
The quality of our services and the professionalism of our technicians make us the ideal partner for all customers who work with natural gas and industrial gases. We follow them at every stage of the process: from training courses to installation and after-sales service.
Our compressors are installed all over the world, with over 900 units in different environmental, regulatory and structural conditions depending on the country of installation.
Fornovo Gas is a sole partner with multiple solutions for its customers.
Projecting developing producing compressor units CNG OilGas LNG.

Fornovo Gas is the world’s leading manufacturer of alternative reciprocating gas compressors. Our compressors are utilized by the world energy market to extract, process, transport, store, and distribute natural gas from the whole chain – begining from gas field and to the final customer.
Fornovo Gas also provides specialized WH piston compressors with gas/diesel engine drive for the chemical,oil, gas, fertilize industry.
We a number one between world-class manufacturer of CNG Gas Station Natural Gas Piston Compressor for Sale, CNG FILLING STATION, 0-50-100-150-200-250HP and any other or 22-55-90-110-132-160-200-250-315-400kw or any other CNG Compressors Fuel Systems Compressed Natural Gas Station For Sale.

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Our vision is to make our technology a benchmark in gas compression.


The belief in our work, the constant pursuit of excellence and the flexibility to enable us to react and respond promptly to changes in market developments and customer needs.
Never say “It is impossible”
Never say “No solution”


Our mission is to use our experience and competence to inspire and implement solutions for a cleaner environment.