Gasvector City All-In-One Reciprocating Compressor

Designed to be installed directly in the filling station, ideal for small stations of public or private fleets, it can be coupled with an electric motor maximum power up to 55 kW for a medium flow rate up to 400 Nm3/h depending on the pipeline inlet pressure.

Available also in the configuration for daughter station, our GASVECTOR CITY contains compressor, dispenser, storage bank and priority panel in a single compact module.


  • Reciprocating compressor with non lubricated cylinders
  • 2 or 3 cylinders configuration
  • Air cooled cylinders
  • Wide range of piston-sleeve modules available
  • Belt motor coupling
  • Innovative pistons and seals compared to industry standards
  • Control panel with HMI display
  • Inbuilt remote control of the system
  • Lowest oil consumption on the market
  • Compact layout means optimized space and ease of maintenance

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