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Fornovo Gas is the largest provider of natural gas equipment (CNG) almost in all markets like Europe, Asia, America, Russian and Cis, Australia. Millons of cart/truck/buses refuelling each day with our compressors worldwide. Fornovo gas provide only non-lubricated compression techiology that’s why a major part of customer have been already choose a Fornovo Gas compressor for a CNG network (see examples).

Fornovo Gas Compression’s support and maintenance plans are fully satisfied all customer requerment. We proud that all customers around the world are ensuring the optimal performance and long life of their investment in Fornovo Gas compressor.
Technical support of Fornovo Gas include the requirements for each maintenance interval for the full life of compressor DA300/SA200. Fornovo Gas’s global service network is equipped and prepared to provide all spare parts and service outlined in our equipment maintenance plans.

The heart of a Natural gas fueling station is the compressor. Depending on the size of the refueling point, compression can be accomplished by designs ranging from smaller, single acting (SA200) to larger, double acting (DA300), reciprocating non-lubricated systems (see examples).

Fornovo Gas largest provider natural gas equipment.

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