FORNOVO GAS follow all industry standard through professional design and manufacturing, followed by leading companies in engineering research and development, and 24h customer support.
All our products are manufactured in one plant, our headquarters in Italy. From this same plant we provide all the services our customers have come to expect. Therefore we in Fornovo Gas strengthen the supply of our products using an approach which thoroughly covers each stage of the relationship with the customer. At all times the customer can count on the expertise and support of qualified staff who are able to provide true turnkey service solutions.


During the pre-sales stage we provide consultancy services, from feasibility studies to more technical studies such as compressor selections and positioning, to allow our customers to take decisions based on accurate analyses and to allow them to submit all the necessary authorisation requests to the appropriate bodies which are necessary to install the plant.


This is the stage involving all the technical activities required to get the plant operating: equipment positioning, electrical, electronic and feed line connections and gas delivery.


During this stage we guarantee the start-up of the plant and the training of personnel who will have to operate it over time and carry out day to day maintenance. (See video how we teach our foreign service teams)


Even after a plant becomes operational, we provide our customers with follow-on services: from undertaking periodic maintenance to correcting breakdowns, backed-up by the full availability of updated spare parts.

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