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Technical gas compressors
and Oil & Gas applications


Cabinet solution

The most efficient solution for compressor stations has only one name:
GASVECTOR. Built using a compact, versatile and easy-to-install modular prefabricated metallic structure, GASVECTOR is optimised to contain DA500, DA300 and SA200 compressors. The cab also houses all the auxiliary components required to operate the system. Acoustical insulation down to 50dB@1m can be supplied.

The cabinet is CE-certified and is also certified Grade 1 for fire safety (accordingly to Italian D.M. 24/05/02 and subsequent issues), equivalent to a reinforced concrete structure.

GASVECTOR is available in two versions: COMPACT, with one compressionor unit and one possible storage unit, and TWIN, with two compressionor units and two possible storage units. Customised configurations, size and colours are available on request.

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  • Electrical and electronic connections are placed in special conduits.
  • Forced ventilation system controlled by gas sensor.
  • Self-supporting structure for easier handling.
  • Special treatment on the inside and outside walls to ensure a long life.
  • Storage/Damping unit integrated into the compressor compartment for CNG applications.
  • Minimum noise (upon request): 50 dB (A), measured at 1 metre from the system.
  • Rear door positioned in front of the cylinder for very convenient maintenance operations.
  • Air vents fitted with armoured protection grilles.
  • Available in different versions, e.g. TWIN: 2 compressors in the same cab.
  • EC certification.
  • Control room located in a protected and optionally air-conditioned area, containing:
  • Distribution panel.
  • Control panels.
  • Compressed air system with filter and dryer.
  • Ventilation system.

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