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CNG compressors

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Non-lubricated vertical reciprocating compressor

The SA200 reciprocating compressor stands out for its high efficiency and versatility, which allows it to operate in the most diverse applications, including filling station plants, daughter stations, gas gathering and gas lifts.

The many strengths of the SA200 compressor include compact dimensions, the ability to work with any intake pressure, and vibrations reduced to a minimum resulting from perfect balancing.

The compact dimensions of the reciprocating compressor allow it to fit into complex industrial environments.

Further advantages are easy maintenance, low oil consumption, low inrush currents and lower compression costs.

The SA200 compressor can be connected to an electric or gas engine, with power up to 55 kW and flow rates above 900 Sm3/h.

Fornovo render SA200 rosso


  • Power up to 55Kw
  • Speed range: 500 – 1800 rpm
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled cylinders
  • Available in 1, 2 or 3-cylinder configurations
  • Compact design (optimised space and easy maintenance)
  • Direct coupling between motor and compressor or belt drive
  • Minimal vibrations resulting from optimised balancing

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