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Biogas and biomethane compressors


With hundreds of compressors installed in biogas and biomethane production plants worldwide, Fornovo Gas is internationally recognised as a Top Player in Green Energy Excellence.

Biogas and biomethane are classified as renewable gases in a category that includes fuels produced from a raw material that is renewable itself and capable of reducing life cycle greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70% after combustion.

Biogas is a mixture of gases (predominantly methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen) produced by the anaerobic digestion of biomass. It allows the methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere to be used with a clear saving in emissions.
Biomethane, on the other hand, is the result of the refining and purification of biogas. The upgrade takes place by removing water, CO2 and other contaminants to make it usable in the network and by natural gas users without the need for plant modifications.

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Fornovo Gas solutions and Biogas and Biomethane compressors

We supply the machine to be integrated into the upgrading plant – consisting of a compressor, skid or Gasvector – to compress the raw biogas in the system, and thus transform it into biomethane.
Once the biogas has been converted into biomethane, our high-pressure compressors, which are also available in an oil-free version, are essential for:

  1. Injection of biomethane into the gas network: increasing the pressure of the process gas to transfer it from the upgrading system to the distribution network or transmission network.
  2. Biomethane (LNG) liquefaction: gas pressurisation is the first step of a liquefaction process.
  3. Biomethane storage: gas storage at a pressure of up to 250 bar in special cylinders or cylinder trailers for distribution and transport.
  4. Biomethane distribution: methane storage filling up to 250 bar, for bus, car and truck filling stations.

Oil free system

The oil free system technology of the Fornovo Gas biogas and biomethane compressors eliminates the risk of gas contamination from process lubeoil and drastically reduces oil consumption while allowing top-notch gas purity and a reduction in maintenance time and costs.

Fornovo Gas compressor systems can also guarantee extremely low noise standards (down to 50dBA) by using soundproofing cabinets and systems, allowing the installation of plants even in restrictive conditions.

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Oil Free horizontal reciprocating compressor

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Oil Free vertical reciprocating compressor

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Oil Free vertical reciprocating compressor

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Cabinet solution

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Biogas and biomethane compressors: FAQ

1. What are the lead times?

Lead times vary according to the project type and the required service.

The usual estimated maximum lead times for standard projects are as follows:

  • CNG projects: up to 4 months (excluding August and public holidays)
  • Biomethane projects: up to 6 months (excluding August and public holidays)
  • Oil & Gas projects: up to 12 months (excluding August and public holidays)
  • Hydrogen projects: up to 12 months (excluding August and public holidays)
2. Do you sell standard machines or can your compressors be customised?

We believe that a compressor must adapt perfectly to the application and not vice versa.

Fornovo Gas compressors are custom-designed and custom-built for each individual offer accordingly to process requirements and the structural conditions of the plant.

Our team of specialised technicians and engineers will evaluate every aspect of the project before submitting you the best solution: they will examine gas composition, process parameters, environmental conditions and certifications, among other factors.

We can also ensure a complete customisation of the enclosure, by allowing the choice of interior room distribution, of the colour and sound insulation (even certified at client request) down to a noise level of 50dB@1meter.

Ask for your consultancy. We are at your disposal!

3. How long is the warranty on your compressors/equipment?

We offer a 1-year (12-month) warranty, extendable up to 2 years (24 months).

Our service department is always available to solve any problems that may arise, even after the warranty period.

We offer tailored maintenance agreements with immediate and guaranteed response times and strategic spare parts always in stock for any eventuality.

For more information, please refer to the SERVICES AND SPARE PARTS page in the MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS section.

Choose safety and reliability. Contact us for your customised solution!

4. How do you guarantee product quality?

All our compressor bare shafts undergo a no-load test to ensure their correct mechanical operation.

The complete system solutions (skid and cab) are tested with a nitrogen-hydrogen mixture (95/5) to guarantee the required performance and detect possible leakages.

We have many international certifications (ISO, PED, ATEX, EAC, etc.), which as a whole ensure that Fornovo Gas products are top-quality and meet the needs of every customer.


Fornovo Gas has obtained many international certifications demonstrating its practical commitment to quality in the design and manufacture of compressors that meet the most stringent requirements.
A strategic choice to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.


Would you like to contact us or do you need more detailed information?


Send a direct request to our team with the performance required forby your project. You will receive the best solution for your needs within the next 72 hours!

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